I was so nervous at my first lesson, but Katrina made it so easy.... In just weeks, my sound had improved triple-fold, and I enjoyed playing the flute more than I ever had before.
— Dawn, Adult Student

Over the years, many of my students have been adults: total beginners, "re-beginners" who have taken a lengthy hiatus from playing, adult amateurs, and professional doublers. My adult students have included an actress performing on flute in a play; a professional saxophone player doubling on flute for the national tour of Jersey Boys; and many people who study flute for fun! 

Many adult students have specific goals, which I am happy to facilitate. At the same time, if you are simply interested in learning a new instrument, I can easily prescribe a traditional course of study!



For adult beginners, I highly recommend Flute 101 by Phyllis Avidan Louke. It is a great resource with lots of information to help you in between your regular lessons. 

A typical lesson for adult beginners features any combination of the following:

  • warm-ups / tone exercises

  • scales and technical studies

  • solo pieces of your choice

  • duets

  • discussion of fundamental concepts - like posture, breathing, sound production, & articulation

  • discussion of long-term goals

Katrina has the most amazing sound quality of any teacher I’ve worked with. Her attention to training my tone was magnificent. It made an amazing difference in my playing.
— Celeste, Adult Student

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