Young beginners

For young beginners, it is so important to keep things fun while imparting the fundamentals of flute playing, music reading, and practicing! I have a wide array of method books and solo music for beginners to choose among. Depending on the student's interests and style of learning, we might use traditional classical music, books with CD backing tracks, even some video game and pop songs. We play games like Flashnote Derby and musical tic tac toe; learn "Mystery Songs"; and more!

[The boys] really enjoyed your class yesterday and were very excited to come home and show dad what they had learned. He was a bit surprised that they had learned a song in such a short time!
— Annette, mother of Adrian and Justin

A typical lesson:

  • warm-ups (which are actually tone exercises)

  • learning a new song

  • playing a finished song with piano or a recorded backing track

  • playing note-reading games

  • discussion of "advanced concepts" like posture, breathing, articulation


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